Sunday, 15 March 2009


At Last Karen Has Updated All The Photo's From Crufts !Soo.. Me Karen And Caitlin Took A Long Journey Down To Crufts....

" A Little Birdie Told Me You Were Having Lunch! "

"Where's The Bird Gone !"

"Not Here !"

Cant Find Him But Oooh Welll !

This Is Me And Caitlin With A FAMOUS Person ! Kate And Gin Off Of Britians Got Talent ! She Now Has A New Puppy ' Ice '

Caitlin And Stacy In The Ring

Who's Bums Are They !!

Stacy With Craig ! Sadly Didnt Get Placed But I Thot They Were Fab !

Caitlin With Rowan, Also Did Not Get Placed But Done Very Well !

Thanks For Taking Me Down Karen !
Maybe Next Time You Could Put In A Complaint About The Sign Post !

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Kieth Match

I Line Up:] BIS, RBIS, BP, BOTR, BJH In Order:) from left to right
Dagen decided to put Mark to sleep before he went to Manchester !

Before Karen dropped me off, we decided to let the dogs off the lead to get mucky !

Today, We Got A Bit of a lie in ! only had to go to keith ! :D
Pearls Akita puppy was Best Puppy
Papillon Best Veteran
Whippet Best in Match
Beagle reserve in match
Jodi (Me) best junior handler
Sue's papillon best of the rest

Im So Exited !! :D :D !! :D

See You There;)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

TaDaa !!

I know i have'nt been updating many shows lately, but i have been busy !!

I have the proof, SEMINAR !!


Hands on seminar, 50 points of the dog !! :O

Me Caitlin And Karen, All Passed :)

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Bath Time !!

Well It Became Bathtime >:l

Do I LOOK Amused !

And Still Made To Stand !


Doggy Hugs !

LOVE THESE !! /\ /\ \/ \/

Sunday, 1 February 2009


Yesterday, I stayed at caitlins house so we could set off to Caledonian by 5 ! got their a bit early but oh well:o) Caitlin Handled A Westie pup and got BOB !! she done really well ! Caitlin and Glenn, BJH + Reserve JH
Becky done really well, she got BP !

Rowan done well winning 2nd In AVNSC

Its Me !! i won 1st In Gradute and 3rd in Open !

Junior handling went well, Big class , Hard class ! me and Jodi taking 3rd qualified for Richmond 2010 ! Caitlin BJH ! Qualified for crufts 2010 + SKC ! Glenn Too !!
YKC Handling wasnt so successfull, nobody was placed but all done really well!
We got home about 9 at night ! Very long day !
(I Stole Karens Photo's >:] )

Monday, 26 January 2009


Sorry Im A Bit Late:P

On Saturday We Travelled Down To Aberdeen, Thainstone To Bonnacord Show !
Sorry, I Will Upload Pictures When I Get The Camera !
I Am Pleased With My Result,

2nd In Post Graduate
2nd In Open!

I Was Not Placed In JH But Caitlin Came 2nd In 12-16 And Glenn Was Placed 2nd In 6-12!! Becky Done Really Well Too ! She Got Placed 3rd In JH !

Well Done People!!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Livingston (Bathsgate sports center)

Last week we all went down to Livingston ( Bathgate sprts center ) There was Me (Molly), Jodi, Daveena, Karen, Jodi's Dad (Steve), Jodi's Auntie (Moira) And Jodi's Uncle ! (Geoffrey) It was a full day out. Steve And Jodi got lost in Edinburgh ! (Not me of course because i did'nt take the wrong turn) I was just in the boot playing cute and innocent.

Me and Jodi winning BJH at Livingston ! Jodi qualifing for SKC finals !
Me and Jodi winning the JH class 12-16. Becky doing well and coming 2nd.

I was behaving in my breed classes ! We won 3rd In Junior and 1st In graduate !

Glen with Bramble(Lakeland Terrier) and got a 3rd. He also got Best Veteran Terrier with Bramble ! Well done Glenn

Becky was in her breed classes with Sunny. Not placed but done a really good job !

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