Thursday, 5 February 2009

Bath Time !!

Well It Became Bathtime >:l

Do I LOOK Amused !

And Still Made To Stand !



  1. 'Allo Miss Molly! You are a lovely beast. I'm sorry you had to take a bath... I HATE it when my manly stink is washed down the drain and I'm attacked by that fur and beard-stealing buzzy thing. Not fair!

    Congrats on all your show success!

  2. Jasper pug says Hi Molly I would share a bath with you anytime! but sadly I get dunked in the kitchen sink!! hee hee lots of puggy kisses xxxxxx

  3. Hahahaa Thanks for the lovely beast comment. (I Think Im Incredibly Cute Too!) :P baths, D: There TORTURE !! Jasper In The Sink !! :P

    Big Hugs And Kisses From Molly Xxxx


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