Sunday, 1 February 2009


Yesterday, I stayed at caitlins house so we could set off to Caledonian by 5 ! got their a bit early but oh well:o) Caitlin Handled A Westie pup and got BOB !! she done really well ! Caitlin and Glenn, BJH + Reserve JH
Becky done really well, she got BP !

Rowan done well winning 2nd In AVNSC

Its Me !! i won 1st In Gradute and 3rd in Open !

Junior handling went well, Big class , Hard class ! me and Jodi taking 3rd qualified for Richmond 2010 ! Caitlin BJH ! Qualified for crufts 2010 + SKC ! Glenn Too !!
YKC Handling wasnt so successfull, nobody was placed but all done really well!
We got home about 9 at night ! Very long day !
(I Stole Karens Photo's >:] )


  1. You are welcome to my photo's. Hope we have as much fun next week!!!

  2. Well done Jodi and Molly. I bet you were tired when you got home know I was.

    See you soon.


  3. Yeah ! Lol I Was !
    Molly Had A Walk When She
    Got Back Then Fell Asleep:)


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