Saturday, 28 February 2009

Kieth Match

I Line Up:] BIS, RBIS, BP, BOTR, BJH In Order:) from left to right
Dagen decided to put Mark to sleep before he went to Manchester !

Before Karen dropped me off, we decided to let the dogs off the lead to get mucky !

Today, We Got A Bit of a lie in ! only had to go to keith ! :D
Pearls Akita puppy was Best Puppy
Papillon Best Veteran
Whippet Best in Match
Beagle reserve in match
Jodi (Me) best junior handler
Sue's papillon best of the rest


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Hi! im Molly, I live in burghead with my owner Hugh. I get shown by Jodi! In Burghead i am left to bully a bunch of yorkie's! Dont worry, i have them in tip top shape! Sitting on them:D As if i dont have enough yorkie's in Burghead, but when i go to Lossie, Jodi has 1 too!!!!! I will post lots of photo's of me, my friends, Jodi Hugh And Caroline and shows!! I think you will like my blog:)