Friday, 2 January 2009

Livingston (Bathsgate sports center)

Last week we all went down to Livingston ( Bathgate sprts center ) There was Me (Molly), Jodi, Daveena, Karen, Jodi's Dad (Steve), Jodi's Auntie (Moira) And Jodi's Uncle ! (Geoffrey) It was a full day out. Steve And Jodi got lost in Edinburgh ! (Not me of course because i did'nt take the wrong turn) I was just in the boot playing cute and innocent.

Me and Jodi winning BJH at Livingston ! Jodi qualifing for SKC finals !
Me and Jodi winning the JH class 12-16. Becky doing well and coming 2nd.

I was behaving in my breed classes ! We won 3rd In Junior and 1st In graduate !

Glen with Bramble(Lakeland Terrier) and got a 3rd. He also got Best Veteran Terrier with Bramble ! Well done Glenn

Becky was in her breed classes with Sunny. Not placed but done a really good job !


  1. :D Thanks !!!!!!
    Very Exiteeed .. WOOOO !
    Are You Gin To Bonnacord And Caledonion?
    Byee x
    Kisses And Cuddles From Molly (:

  2. You all did really well!!!!
    Karen xxx

  3. Hi Molly and Jodi....we missed you at class on Monday! We have an award for you at our blog :o)
    Slobbers xx

  4. Hi Jodi

    Hope to see you at class this week.



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