Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Happy New Year :D

Happy New Year Dogs And Doggy People !


  1. Hey Jodi, Molly and gang....hope you have a totally awesome Christmas!!
    With love and slobbers from Nicky, Snoop, Alfie, Rosie and Gabbi xxx

  2. Hey Nicky, Rosie,Snoop,Alfie And Gabbi :D
    Its Molly, Im At Jodi's ! Hope You Have A Good Christmas Too x Are You Goin To Livi Then? (Yess Will Be The Answer I Suppose)
    Love'ss From Molly, Jodi And Caroline (Granny) :D

  3. Didn't no that u had a blogg. Canna wait till Sat, im not takinn any westies 4 me tho!!

    Caitlin xx

    Merry Christmas

  4. Yeah ! I Made A Blog:D I Knoww :D No Westies:( Bring Atleast 1 For Me To Cuddle! :P Molly Had A Bath Today At My House, I Dried Her With A My New Hairdryer :L She Liked It:P It Is Flicking Out A Bit But I Mite Give Her Another 1 Down In Edinburgh.. We Are Goin Tomoroo.. Stayin Down At Family's !
    Hope You,Your Mum,Glenn And Daveena Had An Ace Christmas!
    Love Jodi + Molly

  5. Hey Jodi & Molly....hope you and your folks had a great Christmas and wishing you luck for the show tomorrow (hope i'm not too late!) We're not going, can't be bothered....lazy eh!??
    See you soon, don't forget to enter Bon-Accord!

  6. Hey Jodi, we hear you got BJH at Livi!!!! Really well done, we're so chuffed for you xxxx

  7. Thanks Nikki !! Yeah I Got BJH And A 3rd And 1st In The Breed Class!! Im So Chuffed I Went!

  8. You should be chuffed! Let me know details of your results (which breed classes etc) and i'll get them on the club blog asap, send photos too if you got any! :o)

  9. Morning Jodi

    I have Emailed the Banff blog saying that they can get the results from my blog and are welcome to any of the pictures. Becky did really well at the show she went to on Sunday with Whisper.
    We will have room in our car for Bonn Accord and Caledonian.
    SKC finals is on the Thursday night so that will be another day off school. I will give you the details when you get back home.
    Karen xx

  10. Cool ! Happy New Year Now ! I Better Change The Merry x-mas :P Thursday... I Will Text Caitlin When I Am At My House... Im at my papa's... how is caitlin? I was told she was in hospital :( Ritee.. Byee


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